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Daily Radiance

For visible results, today and tomorrow

This routine uses the holy trinity of skincare: Ubtan, Apas and Soma.

With daily micro-exfoliation and Ayurvedic herbs, Ubtan works to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Apas and Soma combine potent actives that sink right in, leaving your skin supple, soft and radiant. Do this daily in the shower, or leave it on as a masque in the bath.

Simple and effective, drawing on the best of Ayurvedic wisdom, Mughal rituals, and modern botanical science.

The ideal daily ritual for most skin types, including dry, sensitive or combination skin

The Ritual

Step 1: Cleanse



Pour a teaspoon of Ubtan into your palm and add just under a teaspoon of water, mixing as you go. The Ubtan will become a mousse, and you can massage it gently over your face, neck and décolleté.

Ubtan micro-exfoliates without irritating skin, while delivering potent Ayurvedic herbs and active Vitamin C.

Leave it on for a few minutes, or rinse off immediately. You can also use Gulab Jal instead of water for the added benefits of Rose Otto.


When to do it

Use Ubtan anytime of day, morning or evening. Ideal for the bath or shower.

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Step 2: Treat


Apas Serum

While your skin is still damp, smooth a pump of Apas Serum over your face, neck and décolleté.

Apas will pull the dampness on your skin deep down, plumping and hydrating as it sinks in. It's a lightweight gel without any stickiness, leaving your skin supple and soft.

You can also spritz some Gulab Jal before or after applying Apas for extra moisture and cooling effects.


When to do it

Use Apas morning or night (ideally both). If you use it during the day, it'll help with moisture loss from air conditioning, heaters and sun.

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Step 3: Protect


Soma Face Oil

Massage a pump of the Soma Face Oil into your skin while it's still damp, inhaling the scent as you do. Focus on areas which need some extra love - dry or oily patches, areas prone to whiteheads, blackheads or breakouts, scars.

Soma locks in moisture and balances oiliness and dryness. It's a fast-absorbing face oil that calms your skin, so it feels healthy, supple and refreshed without heaviness.

Use a face tool (like a gua sha tool or roller) for some extra relaxation.


When to do it

Soma doesn't leave your skin greasy, so you can use it in the morning or evening, under makeup or SPF.

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Elevate your ritual

Adorn yourself with one of Guna's Perfume Concentrates.

They have all been valued for their fragrance as well as their aromatherapeutic and Ayurvedic effects for centuries.

Choose a perfume that suits your mood, and evokes the energy you want to harness today.

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