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For yourself, others and the planet


Guna's products are formulated to promote healing, nourishment and pleasure with every use, fostering rituals of everyday self-care. We choose our suppliers carefully, prioritising environmental sustainability, socially responsible work practices, along with careful craftsmanship and quality.

As Guna grows, we continue to investigate and make ethical choices, ensuring our practices align with our values.

Beauty; inside and out


According to Vedic philosophy, the purpose of life is four-fold: dharma (to live ethically), artha (to pursue prosperity), kama (to enjoy life) and moksha (to pursue liberation in this life, and after).

Kama involves the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness, without which life would be dull and meaningless. Far from a superficial or indulgent concept, kama is integral to a full and joyful life. Through each product, Guna brings you beauty; of fine artisanal crafts and the natural world.

For the contributions of others


Guna acknowledges the work and experience of countless individuals, practices and societies that came before. Many of our ingredients have been harvested for millenia, and our approach is built on the philosophies and practices that underpin their use.

We draw from Vedic philosophy, Ayurveda, Mughal sensibilities and culture, along with the expertise of artisans and craftspeople who continue working with these materials today.

Our ethics

I am committed to embedding Guna's values in all stages and aspects of the business.

From the suppliers we work with and the ingredients we use, to the ways we communicate with our customers, our pricing, and more.

On a fundamental level, through Guna I want to respectfully share my culture with my customers, delve deeper into the histories and philosophies behind my ingredients and products, and maximise positive impact in people's lives.



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