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Natural, oil-based perfumes

Guna’s Perfume Concentrates made using rare and precious Indian perfume materials.

Each perfume has its own story, significance and unique characteristics making them utterly unique. They are unlike alcohol-based perfumes, and unlike the more common essential oils that many of us are accustomed to.

Our Perfume Concentrates are more complex and surprising than synthetics, and each perfume material carries a history that spans centuries.

Perfumes and Wines

Our perfumes are similar to wine.

As they are made directly from natural materials and refined using age-old methods, each batch is a reflection of that season’s crops, similar to a wine’s vintage.

While the variations are minor, we find them incredible. They tell you a story about the weather and the soil and the distiller’s skilled hands. 

Scent sensitivities

We have many customers who tell us they can’t use perfumes anymore as they get headaches, or allergies, or feel sick, but our Perfume Concentrates suit them fine.

Other customers still use synthetic perfumes but once they start with our oil-based natural perfumes they can’t go back. Our Perfume Concentrates are a completely different experience.

Synthetic fragrance

Whether you’re totally no-tox and natural, or happy to use any product without checking its ingredient list, we believe synthetic fragrance is something everyone should be more conscious of.

There’s increasing awareness of the dangers of synthetic fragrance, particularly as companies don’t have to disclose the specific fragrance chemicals they’re using in their products. Some of these ingredients are endocrine disrupters, some are formaldehyde-forming, and you might never know what you’re exposed to.

A portal

Each of our perfumes has a long and fascinating history, and has been associated with different cultures, effects and spiritual and religious practices.

From Emperor Jahangir writing about his first experience of Gulab during his reign in the Mughal royal court, to Tut-ankh-Amun's tomb being filled with Blue Lotus flowers, our perfumes transport you through space and time to another world. 

Oil v Alcohol

Our perfumes mature with age, rather than degrade. Indeed, Indian perfumers tend to age their perfumes, maturing them over several years. In addition, oil-based perfumes last longer on your skin.

Firstly, alcohol evaporates faster than oil, so alcohol-based perfumes may seen more intense at first, but they also evaporate more quickly. Secondly, our Perfume Concentrates have a base of organic Jojoba Oil which keeps your skin hydrated, so the perfume can sit on top rather than sink right in and absorb into your skin.

Perfume Concetrates

Anoint yourself in the oldest, rarest perfumes on Earth


Natural v Synthetic Skincare

Guna relies on the natural world for all of our skincare ingredients.

Learn more about why we formulate this way.

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