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Natural Skincare

Guna relies on the natural world for all of our skincare ingredients.

Many of our raw materials have been used for centuries, while others are the result of modern botanical science.

While many medicines and ingredients are made synthetically, and many of them are therapeutic, effective and safe, we focus on crafting products that showcase the best that nature and human culture have to offer.

The magic of plants

Plants are incredible.

Complex, magical, surprising and potent, we can find innumerable healing, nourishing and regenerative ingredients in the world around us.

Vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and more, every time you use one of our products you are holding a microcosm of the natural world in your hands.

The textures, smells and effects of our products are all an experience of nature herself.


Ayurveda, dating back to Vedic times, strongly focuses on the elements and qualities that are the building blocks of the universe, and how they manifest in every living thing, including each of us. In Ayurveda, skincare is about taking care of the health of your largest organ by promoting balance.

The Ayurvedic concept of balance isn’t a static one. It changes depending on the seasons, your external and internal environments, your age and more. We’ve thus formulated multipurpose products, so you can tailor how you use them to suit these natural ebbs and flows, maintaining a sense of balance.

Ancient Wisdom

The philosophies underpinning our products are ancient. Indus Valley, Vedic and Mughal civilisations are all strong influences, thus our products not only connect you to the natural world, but also to our past.

With Guna, you are experiencing the wisdom and practices of our ancestors. 


Harness the healing power of plants

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Natural Perfume Oils v Synthetic and Alcohol-based Perfumes

Our Perfume Concentrates are made from rare and precious Indian perfume materials.

They are 100% natural and oil-based.

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