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3 Step Skincare

Skincare doesn't need to be complicated.

We believe you can take care of your skin in a few simple steps. It's a matter of getting to know your skin, how its needs change with seasons and cycles, and finding the right products to nourish and protect it.

For Step 1: Cleanse, you purify and polish your skin while maintaining its protective barrier and leaving natural oils intact.

Skin needs both water and oil to be healthy and hydrated. We use water-based products for Step 2: Treat, followed by oil-based products for Step 3: Protect. By separating the water and oil steps like this, you can use fully active products in each step, maximising the benefits to your skin. 

You can mix and match different products for each step, depending on the season, your moods, and your needs.

Step 1: Cleanse

Gently remove dirt, pollution and excess oil without stripping or irritating your skin. Most of us over-cleanse, leaving our skin out of balance. Using gentle but effective products can remove impurities and boost skin health without being harsh.

By leaving your natural oils intact, your skin will naturally be more balanced and toned, and less irritated and sensitive.


Micellar Water, Ubtan, Vajara Scrub, Muslin Washcloths

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Apas Serum, Gulab Jal

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Step 2: Treat

Once skin has been cleansed, you have a blank canvas to apply actives and botanicals to heal and regenerate.

We use water-based products for this step to deliver hydrating ingredients deep within your skin. Everything from heat, air conditioning, wind and sun can dehydrate your skin, so this is an important step no matter the season.

Step 3: Protect

In the final step you use oil-based products to lock in water-based moisture while strengthening your skin's natural barrier.

Well-formulated oil-based products aren't greasy, heavy or clogging for skin. They absorb fully, leaving it supple and soft while delivering anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.


Soma Face Oil, Maya Treatment Balm

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Our skincare and self-care rituals are designed for our simple 3 Step Skincare system.

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