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Guna x Griffin

Experience Guna's rare and precious perfumes for yourself

Ancient wisdom, modern luxury

The smellscape

Drawing on India's ancient and sophisticated perfume culture, Guna has curated a smellscape in the foyer of the Griffin Theatre to complement the show Sex Magick. Working with rare and precious natural aromatics, Guna has made candles, diffuser oils, incense resin and perfumed pastes to create a complex perfume in the space.

Check out the products below to experience these aromatics for yourself, as a personal or home fragrance.

Blue Lotus

A green, watery floral, sacred in ancient Egypt

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Where to find it

Guna used Blue Lotus in the diffusers spread throughout the foyer. Blue Lotus is known for evoking euphoria and transcendence.

You can find Blue Lotus in our Blue Lotus Perfume Concentrate, which smells most like what you experienced in the Griffin smellscape.

Blue Lotus can also be found in our Yaksha Candle and Yaksha Diffuser Oil, though it is more subtle in these products.

Where to find it

All the candles in the Griffin foyer were made with Guna's signature home fragrance Yaksha. This scent smells like a dark and mysterious forest. Use Yaksha when you want feel a sense of wonder and mischief.

Yaksha contains Oakmoss, Ruh Rajnigandha (tuberose) and Choya Loban (destructive distillation of benzoin resin). Guna also used Choya Loban in the perfumed paste that was used on the dark wooden pillar in the middle of the foyer.

You can experience Oakmoss and Choya Loban at home with our Yaksha Candle and Yaksha Diffuser Oil.

Oakmoss & Choya Loban

Grassy, spicy and smoky

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Warm, spicy and balsamic

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Where to find it

As you entered Griffin, you would have noticed incense resin burning at the door. Guna made an incense blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin.

Frankincense has been used for its aromatic qualitites for millennia. It is simultaneously grounding and expansive, conducive to meditative states.

You can find Frankincense in Guna's Resin Incense, Shiva Candle and Shiva Diffuser Oil.

Natural perfumes

Guna draws on India's rich and ancient history of perfumery, creating signature scents that are complex, unique and free from synthetic fragrance.

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