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Resin Incense

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Sweet, spicy, balsamic


Indulge in a ritual thousands of years old with Guna's custom resin incense. One of the oldest form of aromatherapy, incense resin creates a perfumed smoke that permeates the space, leaving traces of its scent in fabric, hair and furniture. Guna makes a signature blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin resins to create a warm, inviting scent.

Use resin incense when you want to pause and mark the moment.

Resin Incense


100% Natural Fragrance

Guna's incense is made with pure resins, straight from the source.

Resin incense has been used for at least 5000 years, originating in the Arabian Peninsula. Frankincense, the oldest resin, has always been associated with cleansing: homes, spaces, energies and bodies.

Resin || Tree Sap



Incense resin creates a highly fragrant smoke, which can be used to cleanse and perfume a space.

Light a piece of charcoal and place a few pieces of resin on top. They'll start to produce smoke as they heat. Keep adding a few pieces at a time, until the charcoal has totally turned to ash.


Customer Reviews

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A comforting and gentle incense.

I typically find that a lot of incenses can be a bit over-powering for me, so I love this gentle and soothing incense. It has been a welcome and comforting scent in our home, particularly during lockdown.

Ritualistic and soothing, Myrrh resin is a must try.

The burning of this incense resin for me has become somewhat of an exotic ritual. I love to burn it every morning and I find that its warm woodiness sets me up for my day.

I did initially find the charcoal hard to burn, however I quickly learnt that it's the yellow flame that is most effective at getting it lit. And there have been no speed bumps ever since.

The scent is difficult for me to do justice to - it's simply divine. Musky and dark, comforting and a little spiritual, my room has taken on an entirely reinvigorated identity since I've been burning this. Word of advice, leave a window or door ajar for some ventilation



Guna's incense censers are made from brass. Brass has been used in India for over four thousand years, from the times of the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Our brass censers are hand-etched with geometric designs and can be used for different purposes, including incense cones and sticks, and tealight candles.


Signature blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin gums.

Guna uses no synthetic fragrance so our candles are pure, potent and free from nasties.

All of our products are natural and non-toxic and cruelty free.


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