Aromatic - Perfume Set


Experience all of Guna's rare and precious perfume concentrates with the Aromatic Perfume Set. With six 2ml vials, you can wear each perfume individually or layer them for a personalised scent. Comes boxed in a beautiful handmade Kashmiri papier-mache box.

Each Aromatic Perfume Set includes a 2ml vial of:

  • Attar Gulab - Rose Otto infused in Sandalwood
  • Attar Mitti - Baked Earth infused in Sandalwood
  • Champaca - Champa flower
  • Motia - Arabian Jasmine
  • Blue Lotus - Egyptian Blue Lotus
  • Amber - secret blend of flowers, herbs and spices

If you would like a custom mix of perfumes for yourself or a gift, get in touch. 

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