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Zoom Guna's six skincare products in 5ml deluxe trial-sized bottles and jars, placed on a silver tray

Noor: Complete Starter Set for Face

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Potent vitamins, botanicals and oils 

For glowing skin

Explore Guna's entire skincare range to see what suits your skin and your routine. Each product is highly effective and multipurpose, so you can mix and match and tailor how you use them.

The ultimate gift for yourself or someone else.

  • Suits all skin types, including acne-prone, sensitive, dry, mature and combination
  • Gender-neutral, natural and non-toxic
  • Perfect for sharing, travel or trialling

Noor: Complete Starter Set for Face


This set is named for Nur Jahan (Light of the World), the Mughal Empress and co-sovereign of Emperor Jahangir. Nur Jahan was a trailblazer; a designer, skilled markswoman, patron of the arts and architecture, humanitarian and a powerful and charismatic leader.

She was intelligent, also beautiful, and renowned for her hot temper. It was her mother who discovered Ruh Gulab (Rose Otto), one of the most expensive oils in the world, and Nur herself is said to have started the first Rose Otto garden specifically to cultivate the roses for distilling Ruh Gulab.

The Noor: Starter Set pays respect to Nur Jahan, lover and patron of material culture, and Light of the World.

Noor || Light, radiance, beauty



Guna's skincare products follow a simple 3 Step Skincare system that suits all skin types. The Noor - Starter Set allows you to try this system for yourself with all our face products.

Step 1: Cleanse Micellar Water, Ubtan, Vajara Scrub

Step 2: Treat Apas Serum, Gulab Jal

Step 3: Protect Soma Face Oil, Maya Treatment Balm

Check out our skincare rituals for inspiration.


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How long do the products last?

We wanted to make sure you could trial products for a few days, even weeks, so we've made them trial sized rather than sample sized. Below is a rough indication of how long they last.

Micellar Water: 2-3 uses

Ubtan: 1-2 uses

Vajara Scrub: 2-3 uses

Apas Serum: 4-5 uses

Soma Face Oil: 4-5 uses

Maya Treatment Balm: 4-5 uses

How do I use each product?

You can check out each individual product page for detailed information about how to use them: Micellar Water, Ubtan, Vajara Scrub, Apas Serum, Soma Face Oil, Maya Treatment Balm.

We also have skincare and self-care Rituals for different skin needs, seasons and moods to inspire you.

Any questions? Get in touch, we love giving personalised recommendations.


Skincare and self-care rituals for different needs, moods and seasons



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